This month, we are going to look at BRAVERY!  What is bravery?  What does it mean to be brave?  What is it NOT?

Lots of people think that bravery means that you don’t feel scared.  It’s not.  True bravery is doing something EVEN THOUGH you feel scared, because you know that God is with you.


The bible tells us that we need to put on the armour of God.  This doesn’t mean dressing up as a knight every day.  That would be heavy.  And weird.  And really hard to have fun in.


The armour of God is all about the things that God has given us to protect us and help us to do whatever He has asked us to do.


So this month, we will look at some stories of bravery from the bible, and try to see if we can spot the invisible armour that was used!


We’ll start with reminding ourselves what the armour of God actually is…

Week 1


The story:

Matthew 8:23-27.  Read the story.

The disciples forgot that they were in the boat with the Son of the one who MADE the weather!  The truth was, Jesus was with them, so they did not need to be afraid of anything.  God says He is with us, and He will not leave us.  When he says something, he means it!


God says:

    Do not be afraid, I am with you.  Isaiah 43:5


Your turn:

 Make a model or draw a picture of a boat with yourself and Jesus in it.  Send us in a picture, we’d love to see it!


Other fun:

Have a bubble bath with a toy boat (use a plastic container or build one with Lego/duplo if you don’t have one), and play with bubble ‘clouds’ in a storm!

If it rains or is stormy this week, talk about the story again, and remind them of the truth to hold on to, that God will not leave us.


THE challenge:  

Eat a meal today that looks like a face.  Send us in a picture of your cool food faces

Week 2


The story:

    David and Goliath READ a STORY OR FROM THE BIBLE 

    David took on Goliath because he knew that Goliath’s threats and insults were wrong.  David stood up for God’s chosen people.  He found out very quickly that the king’s armour was not helpful for him.  He relied on God because he knew he was standing up for what was right in God’s eyes.


God says:

    The battle is the Lord’s.  1 Samuel 17:47


Your turn:

    Collect 5 stones and decorate them with paint or glue and coloured tissue.

    When they are dry, write one word on each stone:  THE.  BATTLE.  IS.  THE.  LORD’S.  Keep them somewhere to remind you that God fights for us.

    Send us a photo of your battle stones.


Other fun:

    Play a game tossing balls or bean bags into a basket.  Can you get them in the basket even 9 feet away?  That’s how tall Goliath was!


THE challenge:

    Paint a picture or draw something… blindfolded! AND SEND a PHOTO OF IT IN!

Week 3

Faith in the dark

The story:

Joseph in prison.  Genesis 41

Joseph had some nasty things said about him; things that weren’t true, but that got him into trouble and into prison.  He kept hold of his faith in God like a shield, and it kept him from giving up when things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse.


God says:

Faith means being sure of the things we hope for. And faith means knowing that something is real even if we do not see it. Hebrews 11:1


Your turn:

Make a cardboard shield with a cross on the front. 


Decorate the quarters with your favourite colours and patterns.

Send us a picture of your shield of faith


Other fun: 

Have a pool noodle or nerf gun battle with your shield as protection!

Don’t forget to log on to the chat on Microsoft Teams this week!  We’re excited to see you all again!


Taskmaster challenge:  

Make a long line of things beginning with the same letter as your name.  Who can get the longest?  Send us in a picture and tell us how long your line was!

Week 4

 If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.

The story:

Jesus walks on water.

People don’t normally walk on water.  We sink.  Or swim.  So imagine how weird and scary it would have been to see a figure walking towards you in the misty dim light before the sun rose one night!  Peter and his friends thought that Jesus was a ghost because as we know, people DON’T normally walk on water.  But with God, anything is possible.  When God asks us to do something that seems too big or scary, He will give us a way of doing it.


God says:

With God, all things are possible.  Matthew 19:26


Your turn:

Time to get messy!  Cover your feet with blue, green, grey, and white paint.  Use it to make a swirly, wavy picture on a sheet of paper.  (don’t forget to put newspaper or a messy mat down first, or your mum might get cross!)  When the paint is dry, draw round your feet and cut out white footprints to stick on your waves.

Send us a photo of your picture!


Other fun: 

Watch Douglas Talks on bravery.  Find it on youtube. 

Make a medal for yourself to remind yourself that God makes us brave!


The challenge:  

Using a straw, blow ten cotton wool balls 6 foot across a table or the floor.  Each ball has to get to the end point before you start the next one.  Try this with your family.  Fastest time wins!

All photographs, notes and any other creative genius or feedback can be sent to Nick Bates via e-mail or Whatsapp. 

nickbates@towychurch.co.uk  or if you'd like to send things in via WhatsApp +447855426773