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In the next four weeks, we will learn how to worship God honestly, with our whole heart, for who He truly is.

Worship is something we do because of the relationship we have with our Creator through Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit helps us to understand the truth of how Great God is, how small we are, and that we are actually forgiven and friends with Him, our hearts can’t help but worship God.

Worship is a genuine expression of the love, admiration, and respect we feel in our hearts. 


Week 4


True Worship



Verse: 1 Chronicles 16:34

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
his love endures forever.



This week’s BIG point.

I’ll worship God with all my heart.



In this week’s session we will have a look at David, the shepherd boy that became king and was called the “man after God’s own heart.” 


King David

David started life as a shepherd-boy. He quickly grew into a brave teenager who protected his flock from hungry lions.

His great skill with a catapult helped him defeat a giant called Goliath even when all the King’s soldiers were too scared to fight.

He was very musical, playing a harp, the nearest thing they had in those days to a guitar. He wrote poems and songs and some of them are still read and sung today! You can find them in an Old Testament book of the Bible called Psalms.

He is known for the way he worshipped the Lord and his relationship with God.


He would be alone for hours and hours looking after the sheep. This is where he would have conversations with God and using his Harp would worship him with all of his heart


Even though he was young and not very tall, God could see that on the inside he was bold and full of faith. So he was chosen to be the King of Israel.

David’s family was quite big and – hundreds of years later – Jesus was born into David’s family.

David did a great deal of planning to build a temple to worship God. The project was completed by his son, Solomon, when he became King.

David made some big mistakes in his life, but he knew how to say sorry and put things right. He became the most famous King that Israel ever had!
























Have a go at making a King David crown.

(worth 1 point)


Using white or coloured card (any colour!) draw an outline of a crown. You could choose to do just a cylindrical shape and then add the triangles later.

Cut it out carefully. Make sure you make the size of the crown to fit your head!! (you can always trim it later)

Using sticky tape, glue or stapler connect the ends to make a crown.

Decorate as you like!

What about writing on the crown words that would describe David?

Brave, kind, warrior, strong…….




Week 3.  


What things do people worship?


Verse: Luke 4:8

Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.


There are lots of stories in the Bible where people decided to worship other things other than God.


We hear time and time again how the different people went their own way and it didn’t go to plan for them at all!!


The Golden Calf.


The Bible story of the Golden Calf just shows how silly people were in the Bible and it shows how they strayed away from God at the drop of a hat.


While Moses was on Mount Sinai receiving important instructions from God the people decided they couldn’t wait for him and they built a Golden Calf out of their melted Gold jewellery.


Without someone to lead them and tell them what to do they decided amongst themselves to build this Golden Calf.


Once it was built they worshipped the Golden Calf statue.


God did not like this at all and it proved again how terrible and silly some people were.


So quickly the people forgot all that God had done for them and they went their own way.


God loves us all so much but we must decide for ourselves whether to worship other Gods or other things or worship our one true God!!




Make space to spend time with God, first. That helps you keep God

most important in your life and helps you keep from worshiping

anything else

Think of one thing you can give up for a day to help you worship

God more.

Maybe chat with your family for ideas. Draw or write the thing

you will give up for one day.



Lots of things are fun, but God is number one.


















                    worth 1 point


using the examples above why not make a little house with your family inside it?

lollipop sticks are good to use or just draw or paint a house. you can use sticky notes too. 

if you can try and get the verse from joshua 24 in there too. 

Week 2 .   When should I worship?


Verse: Psalm 145:2

I will praise you every day; yes, I will praise you forever.
















Are you having a great day? Worship God. Are you having a bad day?

Worship God then, too.


Put God first in everything you do to worship Him any time, all the time.



This is the big point from today.

I can worship God any time, all the time!

Daytime, night time, in my pyjamas, in my school clothes, brushing my teeth, in the bath, in the car, when I’m playing, when I’m working, when I’m sad and when I’m happy, in church or in the house.

You get the point!!!

God loves it when we worship him.

Do you have a favourite time when you like to worship? Or do you just worship God whenever you feel like it?  


None of them are wrong. Just worship God when you feel you want to.

The most important thing is that you make room for God sometime in your day…..

Last week’s story was from Acts 16:16 and it talked about Paul and Silas.

When things seemed really bad they didn’t just sulk and cry.  They decided to worship God even in Prison! They sang and they prayed.

We can learn so much from the Bible.

In Matthew 2 we read about the wise men travelling very far (from Eastern lands) to worship baby Jesus.

They wanted to see Jesus as soon as they could because they wanted to worship him and give him Gifts.

How far did they travel do you think?

Some say they travelled for months!!

The wise men decided that they would do what it takes to see Jesus and they must have been really excited to see Jesus as it took them so long to reach their goal!

Isn’t it great that we get to Worship Jesus where we are and we don’t have to travel as far as the wise men! But it must have been really cool to see Jesus the new born king of the Jews.



Why not make a cool Jesus medal?


use ribbon or string for the bit that goes around the neck. 

for the medal use cardboard. 

Get some gold paper or a gold pen and colour your medal. 

decorate it with little stars

write 'i choose Jesus' on the medal!








Week 1.

Verse: Revelation 4:11 (NIV)

“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to

receive honour and glory and power, for you created all things ...

Why do people Worship God?

What are the reasons we worship God?


There are lots of reasons to worship God.



He’s good                                                

He healed my heart when it was sad

He’s kind                                                 

He healed my body when it was sick

He’s always with me                              

He teaches me the best way to live

He created everything

and that’s amazing


He loves everyone                                 

He loved me before I even knew Him



See how fast you can say that….


He’s good

He’s kind

He’s always with me

He created everything

and that’s amazing


He healed my heart when it was sad

He healed my body when it was sick

He teaches me the best way to live

He loves everyone


He loved me before I even knew Him


Even saying this fast and having fun is worshiping God!

Can you say it within 15 seconds….?10 seconds?

How fast can someone in your family say it…..?





We can worship God at any time of the day!


And there are so many ways to Worship God!


We can dance, sing, raise our hands…..


What other ways are there? What is your favourite way to Worship?


Check out the link below and worship God for 5 mins.

Dance , sing, do anything you like to Worship God!!



This Is Amazing Grace - Bethel Music Kids | Come Alive - YouTube



In the Bible there are many stories about how people Worshipped God.


In the book of Acts we read about Paul and Silas.

In Acts 16 verse 16 they were sent to prison. Why were they in prison?

They were teaching people and helping them. But the city officials (who weren’t very nice) ordered them to be stripped and beaten. Then they were thrown in prison.


Things weren’t looking good for them both.


What do you think happened in prison?


Did they just accept that this was the end and cry?


As we follow the story it says that around midnight (very late!!) they began to pray and sing!!


After everything that happened to them they managed to pray and to sing!


Many of the prisoners could hear them. It says that there was a huge Earthquake and the prison was shaken to its foundations and all the doors flew open in the prison!


Waw!!   That is the power of Worship! The power of God!!


                       worth 1 point

Have a go at making David’s harp.

Use cardboard or Lollipop sticks.

You can use string or elastic bands for the strings.

Decorate it any way you like.

worth 1 point

All photographs, notes and any other creative genius or feedback can be sent to Nick Bates via e-mail or Whatsapp.  or if you'd like to send things in via WhatsApp +447855426773

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