Today we are going to think about another part of prayer.


Last week we had a little think about why it is important in our prayers to say sorry for the things that we get wrong and that despite getting things wrong, God’s love for us is still so wide and long and deep and tall.


Today we are going to think about why it is important to say thank you.

‘Thank yous are incredibly important aren't they.

How does it make you feel when you do something kind for someone and they don’t say thank you?

When someone says thank you to us it makes us feel good doesn’t it?


More important than that though, when we say thank you to someone, it shows them that we value them and what they have done. It means that we have thought about them and want to share with them how good we think what they have done and who they are is.

I am sure you would have said a huge number of ‘thank you’s to people over the past few weeks and months.


There has been a big focus lately on us saying thank you to the people that have been working really hard to keep us safe and looked after during the time of coronavirus.

Can you remember the symbol that lots of people have used to say thank you to the NHS and keyworkers?

A rainbow, that’ right.

Have a read of:

Jesus Heals Ten Men With Leprosy

Luke 17:11-19


In this story, Jesus heals 10 people. 10 people that were really, really sick and that other people excluded from joining in their lives. Of the 10 people, only one of them, a Samaritan (in the time of the Bible, people used to think Samaritans were horrible, horrible people) came and thanked Jesus for what he did for him.

Jesus didn’t take back the healing of the others but to the Samaritan man who thanked him, Jesus recognised and saw the value and love with which the man thanked him.

When we say thank you, we are saying more than just thank you, we are saying to the person how much we appreciate them.

I am sure that everyone has coloured their own rainbows to say thank you to the NHS, perhaps, with either the rainbow below or you drawing your own, you could design a thank you rainbow to God. As you are colouring it think of all the things in your life you are thankful for, the good things that have happened today, the beautiful world we live in.

Once you have finished, give an amen to make sure that God knows how much we appreciated all they have done. You can then ask a grown up to take a picture of you with your rainbow to share with everyone else.

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here is last week's if you missed it!

week 3


You are going to need a piece of paper for today’s activity.


Who likes being wrong??

I am sure that no-one does. We all like to be right and to get things right don’t we?


Who has never made a mistake or got things wrong??

We all have and we all do, every single day!! 


Your parents, teachers, friends and family get things wrong every day. Very often we can’t help it. We get things wrong without meaning to and even when we are trying to do the best that we can. Sometimes though, we mean to do things that are wrong, this might be because we are angry or bored or feeling selfish or not caring for others around us.

Watch this video on YouTube about a story that Jesus tells called the prodigal son.



There are a couple of things that are really important to remember about this story.

In the time of this story, family and being under your family name and care and protection was everything. It was your whole identity and place in your community. When the son asked for his share of the inheritance, he wasn’t just asking for money, he was really insulting his father in the worst way possible saying that he didn’t want to be seen as a part of that family anymore. Very, very insulting and unkind!

When the son returns, the father welcomes him with no thought of what he has lost, only what he has got back.


Forgiveness for the father means that all the things that the son has done to him to hurt him, to insult him, are no longer important. They are forgotten. This would not have been what people would have done at that time. With how insulting and nasty the son had been to the father, the rules and the laws would have meant that the father didn’t have to take him back or care for him.

When someone does nasty, unkind things to us, it can be hard to forgive them.


We are now going to make some paper airplanes. You can make your own or if you want, you can try and follow the instructions in this video to make a super flying machine – it’s a bit fiddly though!


Maybe everyone in your house can make one and have a little flying competition.


1 point for the plane!


Once you have made your paper airplane, go outside and have a competition to see who can throw it the furthest away. When you throw it, maybe have a think of some of the things that you have done this week that you are not too proud of, some of the mistakes you have made. When we get things wrong, it is really important to recognise them and to say sorry for them. When we get things wrong, things like being unkind, selfish, careless for others, hurting people’s feelings and many more, these are things that can make us feel distant from God. Just like you throwing your plane and the son in the story, we can feel as though God is very far away and we can be afraid of saying sorry as forgiveness is hard sometimes.

God, like the father in story, always forgives. God, loves us so much that it doesn’t matter what we have done, how far away we feel we will always be forgiven.

Each time you collect you plane, know you are loved and nothing you do can distance you for God who loves you.








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