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Week 4


In our 4th week in the series we continue to look at Prayer. 

As we know prayer is so important in our christian faith.



write down 5 reasons why prayer is important to you. 

1 ?

2 ?

3 ?

4 ?

5 ?

this week we are looking at being thankful in our prayer life. 

How to pray - Thank God

Luke 17:11-19 Ten men healed of leprosy



In Luke 17 we hear about Jesus encountering some people in a village he was passing through. In amongst the crowd of people there were ten lepers that were standing at a distance. These lepers were crying out to Jesus, ‘have mercy on us’.


They knew who Jesus was and what he was capable of. They were desperate for Jesus to do something for them.


Jesus looked at them and said, ‘Go show yourselves to the priests’. And as they went they were healed. They’re leprosy disappeared.


One of the ten who were healed came back to Jesus, shouting, ’Praise God’. He started to worship Jesus as he fell to his feet. He was so thankful to Jesus for what had happened. This man was a Samaritan.


He was the only one out of the ten men to go to Jesus and thank him. He was the only one to give glory to God for what had happened. Jesus told the Samaritan man, ‘Stand up and go. Your faith has healed you.


Sometimes we can be forgetful. Sometimes we can be so caught up in things that we forget to be Thankful.


Thankful to God for all the things we have. For all the things He is doing in our lives.


What are you thankful for today?


Be like the Samaritan. Be thankful to Jesus. Don’t forget to say thanks now and again….. we can do this anytime of the day. It doesn’t take long.


below is a list of things that you could do as a challenge this week. 

Be intentional about being thankful and encouraging 


Try a couple of these things or all of them if you get a chance. 


  • Post a thoughtful message to someone on social media about how much your friendship means.

  • Send a thoughtful text to your best friend

  • Send a thoughtful text to a family member that you don’t see very often.

  • Do something special for someone in your street.

  • Send a thoughtful text to your mom or dad.

  • Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru.

  • Compliment the cashier at the shop. 

  • Compliment and thank the drive-thru person.

  • Go for a walk and be intentional about smiling

  • send an image of thankfulness to someone



































Week 3


How to pray.     Confess your sins


Luke 15:11-32 The Prodigal Son



In the story of the Prodigal son it tells us about a love of a Father for his sons.


Like all of the stories in the Bible we can learn so much about God and the lessons of life that we can use for ourselves.


There was a man who had two sons, he owned a big farm. His youngest son did not want to work anymore and wanted to travel and have fun. He asked his father for his share of the family money. The son got the money and packed his things. He left home. He couldn't wait to see the world but his family felt sad. 


At first he had lots of fun with the money. But soon all the money was gone. He had to find work and found work on a farm. He was so hungry. He decided to leave and go back home. He would tell his father that he was sorry. He thought that maybe he could work for him. 


The father saw his son coming back.


His eyes were filled with tears and he ran to greet him.


The son said please forgive me dad.


That night they had a big party! The father told everyone that his son had been lost but now he is found.


God loves us so much.  

Isn't it amazing that Jesus always forgives us and he is always waiting to greet us with open arms.


We are not perfect. Not by a long way!

But Jesus is perfect.


When we look to Jesus everyday he helps us make right choices.

We mentioned last week about starting a prayer journal. 

What is helpful too is using a 5 finger prayer. 

Maybe it can help you in your prayer life!














prayer is something personal between you and god. It's just having a chat to him. 

Make it simple. make it easy. 

Just talk to your heavenly father and lift up all of your concerns and worries to him. 

It's also good to pray for other people. 













be blessed this week and remember to be thankful for all the things in your life. even the tiniest of things!!! 

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