Last week we looked at "SIN" and what sin is.  
We said sin is bad stuff that makes God un-happy, but also makes us seriously unhappy because we are made to be like Jesus. 
God's plan for us is to be forgiven and live each day in the JOY of knowing God our Father. 
We read a book called "Eric Says Sorry" by Dai Hankey.
Do you remember?
This week we are going to read a book called "Eric Says Please" by Dai Hankey. 
Next week we are going to read a book called "Eric Says Thank you!"
Please, Sorry and Thank you are three really important words Jesus teaches us to use. 
Saying please, is learning how to ask for help.  Sometimes we think that we are doing fine all by ourselves and we don't want to ask for help.  But Jesus teaches us that asking him for help every day means he is with us.  
If Jesus is with you, helping you then even the tough stuff isn't so bad anymore. 
Why don't you try asking Jesus and see?
So join us on Facebook for the story and then do the craft below to earn 1 point for the Camp Out Shop. 
For our Craft, we are going to make little "Chatting Critters".  You can make as many as you like. 
These little critters are going to learn when to ask for help, when to say sorry for something and when you say a whopping great THANK YOU!
You need: 
Felt or paper
A peg
Glue and scissors
Screenshot 2021-05-07 at 22.35.38.png

worth 1 point

All photographs, notes and any other creative genius or feedback can be sent to Nick Bates via e-mail or Whatsapp.  or if you'd like to send things in via WhatsApp +447855426773