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be in community

Church is about the people and the lives of everyone we touch on a daily basis. Our Mission of reaching people and changing lives is expressed in meeting the needs of our community, practically, emotionally as well as spiritually. In doing this we aim to be real and relevant so we can make a difference.

In 2013 Towy Community Church established a social enterprise known as the Xcel Project.  The project encompasses Xcel Bowl, Carmarthen Foodbank, Xcel Furniture recycling and Xcel Community Shop.


Through the project hundreds of lives are impacted on a daily and weekly basis, as the project provides help as well as support for those in need or crisis.  We work with multiple agencies and services to provide emergency food parcels, furniture, clothing and other household essentials each and every month.

The Xcel Project has brought jobs, services and investment into the area, empowers the local community to support one another socially and practically, and impacts the environment for the better. Additionally there are opportunities to contribute as a volunteer within the project. Contact us to find out more.


Xcel Centre

Xcel Centre is located next to the Bowling Alley and will provide Carmarthen with a professional quality auditorium and a range of meeting spaces. It will also be home to the Church.

Xcel Bowl

An incredible place to bowl with friends and family. Catch up over coffee, have fun in the soft play area, and enjoy a tasty lunch.

Xcel Furniture

With new furniture coming through our doors daily, it is always worth a look to see what you may find.

Xcel Shop

The community shop is a vibrant and diverse shop that always surprises.  If you need a toy for 10p a load of tea cups for your wedding favours, or a new dress, you, have found the right place.

Carmarthen Foodbank

Serving the community since 2010 the foodbank is a valued community service and recommended as an incredible place to offer your voluntary services.

Carmarthen Community Money Advice

Providing free debt advice that is impartial, confidential and based on individual circumstances. A service that provides support with money management and choosing the best option to solve debt issues.

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