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It starts with Christmas,

but it doesn’t have to end there...

Christmas can raise a lot of questions, if you've got some, why not add exploring faith to your bucket list in January and join Alpha?

Alpha allows you to explore questions of the Christian faith in an open-minded and friendly environment. There’s no cost and no pressure! Just lots of great conversation and space to think.

There is "snow" pressure, the "baubles" are entirely in your court to show up for yourself. 

When is ALPHA? Alpha 2024 will start on Tuesday the 16th of January at 7pm.

Where IS ALPHA? Alpha will be held at Towy Church, St Catherines Walk Carmarthen.

Who RUNS ALPHA? Carmarthen Alpha is run in partnership with Bethel Church and Towy Church.

What does it cost? Alpha is a free course and comes with pudding and a hot drink -  the baubles are in your court to join us.

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Alpha is a ten-week course, which aims to provide you with a safe place to learn about God, the Christian faith and discuss the questions we all have about life.  


It is somewhere you can go to unashamedly ask questions about God, judgement-free, no strings attached.

 We give you space to talk and get to grips with the age-old questions, who is God, is He real and what do I believe?

These are questions we all ask and we all need to spend some time to research and grapple them.


Make your life decisions based on knowledge. Find the facts and make an informed choice about what you believe. 

Whatever your choice at the end of Alpha, we respect you and honour you for taking the time to explore what faith means to you.

What should I expect walking into Alpha?


Walking into Alpha, means stepping into the old H&M in St Catherine's Walk and meeting new people, we promise everyone is nervous and feeling the same. 


It's free, there's pudding and smiling faces.


Head through the double glass doors, where friendly faces will welcome you and show you to your table. 


At your table, you will meet your Alpha host and other people asking questions about God, Church and trying to figure out if this thing called faith is real?



Each Tuesday night, we will have a pudding to share, followed by tea and coffee.  Together you will watch a video and discuss the issues and questions raised.  For some people listening and absorbing is how you like to consume information, and for others, it's asking a continuous stream of questions. 


However you arrive, however you want to explore Alpha, we want to make the experience comfortable and easy.  So come as you are, and be you!

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I'm not comfortable meeting in groups. Can I still do Alpha?


This Alpha we are no offering an online option. If you are nervous about walking into the course by yourself - call us, please. And we can get to know you a little before you join us and make a plan to walk in with you!

I want to join Alpha in January, what do I do next? 


Yes! We are looking forward to meeting you already.  To join, please fill out the contact form below. We will communicate through email, if you don't hear from us within 48 hours of dropping your form, check your junk mail and if it's not there, please give us a phone call. 

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