This month, we are going to look at BRAVERY!  What is bravery?  What does it mean to be brave?  What is it NOT?

Lots of people think that bravery means that you don’t feel scared.  It’s not.  True bravery is doing something EVEN THOUGH you feel scared, because you know that God is with you.


The bible tells us that we need to put on the armour of God.  This doesn’t mean dressing up as a knight every day.  That would be heavy.  And weird.  And really hard to have fun in.


The armour of God is all about the things that God has given us to protect us and help us to do whatever He has asked us to do.


So this month, we will look at some stories of bravery from the bible, and try to see if we can spot the invisible armour that was used!


We’ll start with reminding ourselves what the armour of God actually is…

Week 1


The story:

Matthew 8:23-27 (have a read)

The disciples forgot that they were in the boat with the Son of the one who MADE the weather!  The truth was, Jesus was with them, so they did not need to be afraid of anything.  God says He is with us, and He will not leave us.  When he says something, he means it!

God says:

Isaiah 43:5a  Do not fear, for I am with you.  


Your turn:

Turn this verse into a picture this week, and send it in to us.


Did you spot the piece of armour that the disciples forgot to hold onto?


Take it further:

    God’s truth gives us a firm foundation to hold on to.  When things get tough or scary, it’s good to remember promises that He has made to us, and true things that never change about God, no matter what.  What other things do you know God has said in the bible that might be good to ‘put on your belt’?


Other fun:

    Look up videos of lightning storms and waves on a lake or the sea.


Taskmaster challenge:

    Get dressed in an outfit made up of items of clothing all beginning with different letters.  How many letters can you use?  Get creative!

Week 2


The story:

Matthew 21:12-13 - Jesus overturns the tables.

The money changers and sellers in the temple cheated people.  They didn’t care about worshipping God, they cared about getting money.  Jesus cared deeply about God and about the people who loved God and wanted to worship him, which is why it made him so angry when he saw the injustice.

When we ask God to give us a pure heart and to stand up against what is wrong and defend what is right, we are asking for his righteousness.  God can help us to see the world the way He does and to live the way He wants us to.  We can’t do this by ourselves.


God says:

Above else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.  Proverbs 4:23


Your turn: 

Make a breast plate of righteousness to guard your heart in the most creative way you can think of .... and send in photo graphic evidence (you don't have to be able to wear it) So ideas:  It could be a cake or a sandcastle, a card board box or a model.... the options are all up to your imagination.


Take it further:

Is there something you could stand up for?  Perhaps you could raise some money for a charity, or be friends with someone at school who gets teased, or help somebody who has no one else to help them, or pray for somebody who needs help?  If you’d like any help with any of this, your parents, Nick, or any of the children’s church leaders would be happy to help!


Other fun:

The challenge -  Make a swing for a Lego man.

Send in your Breastplates and Lego Swing photographs

Week 3

Faith in the dark

The story:

 Joseph in prison  Genesis 41

Joseph was in prison for YEARS for something he did not do.  After being kidnapped by his own brothers, and sold as a slave.  But he believed God had a purpose for his life, and he held on to his faith that God was in control, even when he couldn’t see a way out of the trouble he was in.  Even though people accused him of horrible things, he used his faith as a shield.  He knew that what was important was what God thought of him, not what other people thought.  He knew God had a plan.


God says:

Faith is confidence in what we hope for, and assurance about what we do not see.  Hebrews 11:1

For we walk by faith, and not by sight.  2Corinthians 5:7


Your turn:

    Make a cardboard shield using a box or other strong card.  Decorate it with things that remind you about your faith in God.  Make it colourful and personal to you!

    Send us a picture of your shield of faith.


Take it further:

    On pieces of paper, write or draw things that Satan might use to attack you.  Nasty words people say, bad things you think about yourself, worries, big challenges.  Screw each one up into a little ball and give them to a family member to throw at your shield as you hold it.  With your shield held up, they can’t hurt you!


Other fun:

    Have a blindfold challenge where you follow instructions through a maze or your house.

    Don’t forget to log on to the chat this week!  We are so excited to see you again!



The challenge: 

Recreate a film poster from things in your house.

Week 4

If you want to walk on water, you have to get out of the boat.

The story:

 Jesus walks on water Matthew 14:22-33.


People don’t normally walk on water.  We sink.  Or swim, if we’ve had lessons.  So imagine how weird and scary it would have been for Peter and the other disciples.  Picture it now; you’re on your boat in the middle of a huge lake.  It’s dark, and it’s been a long, cold night with difficult wind and waves.  The dawn is only just starting to light the sky with faint grey, showing the mist rising and swirling from the black water.  You’re nowhere near land.  And suddenly you see a faint outline of a figure start to appear from out of the mist.  Coming towards you.  WALKING on water.  No wonder the first thing Peter and his mates thought was that there was a ghost coming towards them!  

    And then, once they had recognised who it was, Jesus called Peter to come out and join him!  Have you ever been in a boat, or on a bridge or pier above deep water, and looked down?  It can look pretty dark and deep and scary.  

    We all want to do great, amazing, brave things.  We all want to be a hero at least once.  But, as Peter found, to walk on water, you first have to get out of the boat.  However, as we’ve learned this month, God has promised he will never leave us.  Just like Peter found, Jesus was RIGHT THERE to grab him and help him.  He kept his promise.


God says:

    He said “Come.”  So Peter got out of the boat.  Matthew 14:29

    He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.  2 Samuel 22:17


Your turn:

    Get creative in the kitchen to show the story of Peter walking on the water.  Send us in a picture before you eat it!!


Take it further:

    Read Jeremiah 29:11.  Try and learn it by heart; one of the best ways for us to use our spiritual armour is by remembering God’s word.

Other fun....


The  challenge:  

You might want to be outside for this one… can you make a secure container or padding to keep a RAW egg safe when dropped from 6 feet?

All photographs, notes and any other creative genius or feedback can be sent to Nick Bates via e-mail or Whatsapp. 

nickbates@towychurch.co.uk  or if you'd like to send things in via WhatsApp +447855426773