Little Fishes


Week 4


How to pray - Thank God

Luke 17:11-19 Ten men healed of leprosy


When Jesus was travelling, Jesus met ten people. Their bodies were covered with sores. They shouted to Jesus to heal them. 

Jesus said “Go. show yourself to the priest.” The ten lepers left. 

While they were walking away from Jesus, something amazing happened. All ten people were healed! But only one man went back to thank Jesus. He threw himself at Jesus and thanked him. The other people did not come back to thank Jesus.


When do you thank Jesus? Maybe you say thank you to Jesus before you have your dinner. Maybe when you wake up first thing in the morning or just before you go to sleep. Sometimes we forget to thank Jesus for all he has done. Maybe today you can thank Jesus. We can thank Him anytime. 




You will need:


Paper or Card

Felt pens


Draw around both hands. 

On each finger, draw a face.

Make one of them say thank you in a speech bubble

Decorate hands.


This craft will help to remind you to always give thanks to Jesus.

Below is week 3 if you missed it. 

worth 1 point

Week 3


How to pray- Confess your sins

Luke 15:11-32 The Prodigal Son


Jesus told a story about God’s love.


There was a man who had two sons, he owned a big farm. His youngest son did not want to work anymore and wanted to travel and have fun. He asked his father for his share of the family money. The son got the money and packed his things. He left home. He couldn't wait to see the world but his family felt sad. 


At first he had lots of fun with the money.

But soon all the money was gone. He had to find work and found work on a farm. He was so hungry. He decided to leave and go back home. He would tell his father that he was sorry. He thought that maybe he could work for him. 


The father saw his son coming back.


His eyes were filled with tears and he ran to greet him. The son said please forgive me dad. That night they had a big party! The father told everyone that his son had been lost but now he is found.


God loves us so much!!


Jesus died for all the bad things that we do. It is good for us to say sorry to people when we do a bad thing. We also should say sorry to God when we have done a bad thing too. The amazing thing is that Jesus always forgives us. 




Activity 1




Make a prodigal son craft to remind you that God always forgives us when we say sorry to him. 



You will need:













A paper plate




Draw a face in the middle of a paper plate. Stick to an oblong shaped piece of card.

Take a separate piece of card and draw around both of your hands and cut them both out. 

Attach hands to the ends of the oblong shape.

Add Ephesians 3:17-18 in the middle of the oblong. 






worth 1 point


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