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We are looking at Genesis Each week we are unpacking a day of creation. 

Join "Towy Kids and Youth" Facebook group to watch the lives.

Twice a month we will be at Xcel meeting in person.  Y
This is the book we are using:

Week 1 - Facebook click the link: LIVE Light & Dark 

Week 2 - In-person Towy Kids at Xcel!  Clouds, Sky & Water.

Family Adventure tasks at home

Together look at types of clouds and the water cycle. Make shaving foam, water and food colouring "storms".

Make a cloud of cotton wool as a craft write "Day 2" on it for our creation books and then have some sensory play with shaving foam clouds.

The theme of the activities is to talk about how amazing God is making the clouds and rain. 

Pray - Thank God for the sky, clouds and rain!

Week 3 - Facebook Live Link to follow


All photographs, notes and any other creative genius or feedback can be sent to Nick Bates via e-mail or Whatsapp.  or if you'd like to send things in via WhatsApp +447855426773

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